Sunday, 27 June 2010

Eternal flat, STNK 201

I’ve waste away my time in fear, stupidly let my chance got disappeared. Even I knew it never comes twice, but my heart was frozen like ice, till the destiny come to remind me, even with pain which suffered me, and almost killed me. But thanks God for His pain, because self consciousness is something you couldn’t easily gain.

It was 2008 when I lived at STNK 201, the eternal flat last forever in my mind. It’s not sweet memories which keep it survives, but the lesson that comes after miserable disease. I was a kid back then, impetuous, frightened and a little even idiot. I was idiot with the lack of cleverness control. There’s no doubt in the absolution of my capability, I was only loosed with my worst enemy, its named fear.

I seem to be addicted to write this story; I never mean to blame anybody. I just want to tell how big its effect in remaking me, and how good it’s lesson in helping me to find who the real me is. I’m sincerely admitting that I never given such great unexplainable gift before this.

Since the day of staff reshuffle, exactly when some of ordinary staff are being moved, and come into our office the new staff from intensive class, the gloom is seemed to be surrounding our office. Actually I ever had a big hope to them (intensive) because of their capability. It’s well known that’s they have better skill in language than us even we’ve spent our several last months in the office of language improvement. But the fact speaks other.

I’m disappointed of their disagreement with the decision to be hated, as their new consequences of being this office staff. They never stop trying to find the way to get out of this humbly office. And in spite of doing the best while waiting the new destiny, they manipulate the reasons just to leave this responsibility.

I might be the worst person burdened with these, because I was the chief of this number of various creatures. Although I was the vice chief, but I guess the first chief was always busy with his first priority: thinking his pie trouble, until has not enough time to solve even the small progress we ever made.

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